Die Welt in meinem Kopf


Die Welt in meinem Kopf
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Good Morning Folks

Hey out there, as I declared the 15th of October my personal holiday, I am happy to celebrate the end of a devastating war. It took all my knowledge and sentiment to find a solution for this issue. Finally, with loads of understanding and sensitivity we figured out a way to get along right. Yeah, I am happy! She makes me happy and we make ourselves happy.

I found out that the main problem in the last weeks and month between us was, that there was already everything said and there was no way to proceed to the next level, because of my fear and insecurity. Everything was ready for us to be together, it just needed the final kick. Our nerves were extremely stressed and so we just argued and hurt each other. But, as I said, we now proceeded to the next level. I do not know how this ends up or even continues, but I know it is worth trying. As you said, Miss S., we cannot get along alone, but we also cannot get along half way. We need each other and I desperately need your loving baby. You are the one, and I thank all my supporters for helping me finding this out. I also thank my critics for showing me the mistakes that I made and for providing solutions for me. Special thanks go to Misses W., Miss B., Miss B., Miss L., Miss S., and Mister S., I really thank you for being there for me without wanting any reward. But, you are rewarded, you may always seek my attendance and advice, whenever you need it.

I wish you a very good, safe and productive day and a great week. I will go on enjoying my personal holiday :-)!


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15.10.12 10:01
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