Die Welt in meinem Kopf


Die Welt in meinem Kopf
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I wish you guys a great day! I slept babylike and I must admit, I feel great for my conditions. I mean, I never had a better start into a day since.... damn, I got no clue... maybe 3 years?? Minimum ;-). I can feel things changing, I can feel me getting calmer and calmer. It is like having swept away all that tension. Since all the cards are visible on the table I am liberated. I know what I want. And this is precious..... it is..... pure accumulation of energy and power! Operation Recovery of Power is working much better than I thought. Things are going well and I am happy to be able to recognize this. I am the mastermind, master of my thoughts and actions and I cannot be stopped. Miss S. actually broke the silence yesterday late in the evening and I answered everything truly without any mascarade and lies. I can see her right in front of me, looking into these precious eyes and at her sinful lips. It makes me smile, and my day is getting even better. I wish you all a precious, safe and very productive day!!!! Miss S., TI AMO!
13.10.12 09:19
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